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The MAGI promotes excellence in visual communication that elevates visual content for all the channels we use to deliver meaningful messages with each other.  We use photography to communicate the infinite beauty and complexity of our emotional, intellectual and physical world. Photography and Video are the universally powerful communication tools with the unique ability to communicate complex messages instantly and reach beyond borders and cultures within a glance, while providing realistic credibility that no other medium approaches.

Representing every genre of Photography our team of talented image makers have decades of experience transforming ideas into photographic illustrations that are often responsible for most of what is remembered from a given communication. They are highly skilled artisans of visual communication crafting imagery that is designed to inform, engage and inspire your audience to action.

Photography that Informs, Engages & Inspires

Studio Photography

Photographers paint with light, and it’s in the studio that our skilled photographers control and craft light in a way that portrays their subjects precisely in the manner intended.  Skilled studio photographers are indeed “lightsmiths” and use multiple techniques to portray a subject in its best possible light.  Light that crafts the message you want to deliver.

Like a surgeons operating room our fully equipped studios provide the total control our craftsman need to create the powerful visual messages our clients require. Messages that an audience can remember…Messages that can change minds, move emotions and get results.

Industrial Photography

Our Industrial Photographers will go anywhere to get the shots to tell your tale. We’ve traveled the world over and seen countless industrial environments, working with clients from all industries. Seeing how equipment and process work together helps us understand how your product should be photographed, and we strive to always produce captivating, unique perspectives of industrial environments that inspire onlookers from all walks of life.

Whether for annual reports, marketing, public relations, publicity, training, to websites and multimedia applications, we’ve got you covered. From the harvesting of raw materials to the details of your manufacturing process, our mobile craftsmen can provide photographic imaging of everything that goes into your finished product.  If you want to show a vast industrial landscape or the intricate details of the product produced our team has a unique ability to find, compose and light the powerful images that tell your story every step of the way.

Corporate Photography

Good corporate photographers are primarily story tellers that convey a description of an organization to the public, to employees, or to investors. Experienced visual communicators that understand the unique opportunities of location photography. Our talented photographers create imaging for industrial and commercial organizations for everything from annual reports, marketing and publicity, training, web site and multimedia applications.

Our photographers thrive on a challenge of crafting your story and your image.  Informed by the expertise of our branding team and empowered by the experience of our corporate photographers and designers we’ve shaped the image of large and small organizations by crafting images for all types of marketing, advertising, PR, sales and social media needs.  Images that are designed to get results.

Editorial Photography

A photo journalists perspective can make all the difference to reaching out to an audience by presenting new ideas and new perspectives on the world we are creating.  Editorial Photography is all about telling a story in images and we have years of experience in making stories come alive with photographs that move, engage and inform.

In the right hands a camera can be a tool to convey complex concepts and ideas that can convey, at a glance, intricate mosaic of ideas in a single image.  Our editorial photography team has a half century of international experience, covering every aspect of human activity, telling stories for journals, networks and organizations from wide variety of perspectives.   If there is a story to be told we know how to tell it.

Aerial Photography

In today’s competitive landscape, the need for unique and captivating imagery is important  More that just a “bird eye view” great aerial photos are almost always the result of the synchronicity of several elements; weather, time of day, air speed and altitude, specialized camera equipment and a skilled photographer and operator/pilot. It is the skill in coordinating these multiple elements that create great aerial photographs.

Whether for commercial to industrial applications, our aerial photographers use the latest technology from aircraft or unmanned drones using ultra high-resolutions 4K cameras to capture stunning, detailed aerial images and video footage.  We can combine the movements of a dolly, crane and helicopter all in one shot, our skilled aerial team can add significant production value to your message and tell only a story that a dynamic aerial perspective can tell.

Portrait Photography

Our Portrait Photographers are specialists. From the day we are born we start to develop expertise in interpreting the expressions and gestures of other human beings. Top portrait photographers become proficient at studying people (who they do not know) in order to capture their essence. This means watching for signals in a subject’s mannerism, reactions, expressions, body language, and then judging how best to have the subject’s character revealed for the camera.

Whether for your family or your business our portrait photographers excel at capturing the essence of who you are.   Different aspects of our personality are reflected in the different roles we play in our life.  We exhibit different characteristics and qualities at our work or at play or in a family or social setting. Our photographers are masters at seeing and capturing those qualities in the context of the life you are leading.   In the right hands a photo can say a thousand words about who you are to the rest of us.  That is what we do.

Travel Photography

One of the most popular content streams in media is travel.  Consumers love to learn about the world around them and perhaps imagine a travel adventure in their future.  But even the non traveling public love to vicariously experience other places, cultures and environments.  This is why travel stories drive so much interest and traffic in today’s media market.

Our seasoned travel photographers are masters at crafting visual tours of the natural beauty and complexity of our world.  Our team has provided images for the global tourism industry. We work with destination hotels and resorts, tourist attractions, outdoor adventures and local event promoters, crafting their marketing and promotional images for optimal messaging. Our travel images have been used in print magazine advertising, online marketing and merchandising materials. We develop visual travel stories from concept to completion with a target audience in mind.

Food Photography

The stuff of life… we certainly are what we eat and it has become apparent that good food is the foundation upon which we build our health and vitality. From field to fork we tell visual stories about the fruit of our land from the beverages we enjoy to the repast we bless our tables with.

We celebrate food. In our photographic studio we respect the life force of food and the joy it can bring to the human spirit. Here a team of culinary photographic specialists portray the profound significance and unique qualities of food excellence.  Whether in studio or on-location, we offer professionally researched and styled food photography services for all types of projects. Our high-quality commercial photographs, crafted for today’s look in websites, product packaging, catalogs, menus, or social marketing will give you an edge over the competition.

Special Event Photography

Any occasion that will never be repeated requires the seasoned talents of a photographer who can insure that the event is recorded for posterity with every detail is expertly orchestrated.  Our photographers are seasoned professionals with decades experience in event photography, we have created thousands of professional event photos for large corporations as well as small businesses and families.

From PR and publicity events through intimate private functions and corporate parties, our highly-skilled photographers craft the photographic story with technical and creative expertise. Over the years we have captured hundreds of corporate events and private functions like wedding, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, and anniversaries. We capture the character of your event from candid moments with a photo-journalistic coverage, to posed photos of your event guests and attendees, as we document the atmosphere of the venue and the “feel” of the event.



Years Experience


“Your well-crafted photography has filled the pages of numerous of our publications and appeared in several MNR on-screen productions.”
“The advertising photography that you produced for our brochures and trade shows was fantastic. We appreciate your talent and your professional approach.”
“We have used the work of your industrial photography team in our publications, annual reports and presentations for several years. Your images capture our foundry operations in action and we trust in your clear talent for creating powerful imagery under very challenging conditions.”
“The aviation photography and graphic design services you provided us over the years have been a significant contribution to our market-development efforts.”
“Garnet’s time-lapse photography that documented the growth patterns in a climax forest over years has become a powerful addition to our forestry training programs.”

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